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Boardgame Cafe Review: Games @PI

Address:  220 Orchard Road #03-01 Midpoint Orchard, 238852

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Board Game Cafe Review

Just across the street from Somerset MRT and stored away in the traditional Midpoint Orchard mall is Games@Pi, a store that has served as an entry to almost all things tabletop for over a decade.

Board Game Cafe Review

The shop boasts a wide selection of shopfronts. From RPG miniatures and terrains, to boardgames and rulebooks, and even selected popular trading and collectible card games.

Board Game Cafe Review

Their board game shelves boasts a wide collection across time. A Singaporean shelf stood out with local games such as Broken Hearts and Portfolio Manager; while modern classics such as the full Century and Golem collection had a space of their own.

Board Game Cafe Review

One can also book standard 6-persons tables for 3 hour slots through their website for a friendly $10 flat rate. However, they do not have a rental shelf, and games are on a bring-your-own (BYO) basis. An extra $5 will nab you access to their store’s collection of stock paints for miniature painters, and like with games, brushes are BYO.

Board Game Cafe Review

Kenneth demonstrating a game of Illusion for us.

PI often do showcases of games, and they have several tables and stands where asking their employees will nab you a demonstration of whatever game is on display. With a large spacious store floor, it’s hard for the place to get too crowded. Even when we arrived during their peak hours, there was room to move about.

Board Game Cafe Review

They sell drinks in the range of $1 to $2. Being right smack in the middle of Orchard, @Pi neighbours all the restaurant that town has to offer. Tables are decent, nothing special, with relatively large seats that won’t leave a groove on your bottom.

Board Game Cafe Review

Particularly impressive was their stock of miniatures and paints. They carry a large brand range. Wiz, Pathfinder, Blood Bowl, Citadel, Vellejo, Bones, Army, and Warhammer, are all available. The same goes for their game stocks, with a seeming focus on titles with expansions.

Board Game Cafe Review

Of special notes, Games @Pi offers lifetime memberships. After purchasing a total of $180, customers gets a lifetime discount of 5% on their products. There are also lockers for rent to store equipment and games, starting at $100 a year for a small locker, and $120 for a large one.


Oldie but a goodie. Games @PI is a good place to for looking for a space to further their tabletop hobbies. Be it miniatures painting, RPG, or board games, there’s a good space for everything here. And they provide a relatively affordable entry into more serious gaming with lockers and a place to play.

Cafe is perfect for…
– People looking for a place to play tabletop games. 
– Miniature painters, with affordable access to store stock paint and a large selection of painting products.
– Shoppers looking to buy board games, with demonstrations and an informed staff as guides.
– Those looking for a place to store their games/equipment through external locker rentals.

Cafe is good for…
– Shoppers who wish to test some new games before buying.
– People looking to buy and play/use new products immediately.

Cafe is bad for…
– Gamers who do not have their own game collection as there is no rental shelf.
– Painters who do not have their own brush as it is BYO.

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