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Boardgame Cafe Review: Mosanco Settlers Cafe

Address: 39A North Canal Road, Singapore 059295

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Boardgame cafe review

Founded in 2003, Mosanco Settlers Cafe was recently acquired by the Mosanco Group, which runs the Enchanted Cafe chain and Signature Cold Brew drinks label. As one of the original founders of the first Settler’s Cafe, it was curious joining the team for an evening of food and games there.

Boardgame cafe review

A selection of Mosanco’s famous cold brews. Their Non-Coffee cold brew Rose Chocolate being an eye catching top seller.

COVID-19 hit many businesses, hard, and one of the victims was Mosanco Settlers Cafe. It would have ceased to exist if Mosanco had not taken over. Although they had little experience in boardgames, their experience in running themed cafes and desire to take an education spin to gaming brought new life the store. 

Boardgame cafe review

The biggest change is that Settler’s is now on the second floor, level one being Mosanco’s latest Enchanted Cafe outlet, themed The Rainforest. Climbing up the stairs to the entrance, we were greeted at the door by Louis, one of their many friendly staff. The entrance foyer showcases the more popular games, with an arcade machine in the corner.

Left of the foyer are their bar counter and dining area. Plush seats and bright lights imitates American diners, with good-sized gaming tables. The cafe plays easy listening pop music, which gives that nice casual atmosphere. A short passage to the right leads straight to the main gaming area. Warm lights glows over the original gaming tables and chairs (made me nostalgic), with a small shelf of party games. 

Boardgame cafe review

For this review, we were booked into their private gaming room, which consisted of a sofa booth, and its very own arcade console. Curtains across the windows can be pulled to ensure privacy, making this grotto appealing to a range of gamers, seeking to gather without being bothered by the outside world.

Over the years, Settlers have grown their collection to over 600+ games, making it the largest public games library we’ve reviewed. Many rare and out of print games abound here, such as Jurassic Jumble, Domaine, and Cash-A-Catch, just to name a few. 

Boardgame cafe review

As space is a constraint, the shelves do not contain the entire collection, but titles are rotated regularly. As Louis explained to us, this is to prevent overwhelming the new staff and to get them acquainted with the more popular games first. Their priority is to ensure your hosts will be able to teach you the games well. 

Boardgame cafe review

Nicely seared, milky Crème Brûlée. (Front) Gula melaka coffee, with dessicated coconuts in the foam. (Back)

Mosanco has upped the cafe fare with their experience in the Enchanted Cafe chain. While the menu is currently non-halal, it does not contain pork. It has an array of western influenced mains, snacks, and platters. Drinks ranged from teas, signature cold brews, cocktails, Sapporo beer, Jinro soju, and an extensive coffee menu. All food are served with biodegradable disposable boxes that makes it easy to carry about and play.

Boardgame Cafe Review

Breakfast Hash – Sous Vide Eggs on top of Saute potatoes and mushrooms. Savoury, creamy, and filling. (Left) Fresh truffled Mushrooms with lasting taste, on scrambled egg and toast. (Right)

Perhaps the rarest gem of Mosanco Settlers Cafe is that this is the FIRST boardgame cafe we know of to offer 24-hour gaming. So if you missed the last bus in town, you can spend the night chilling there. They also offer frequent promotions! Their price starts at $9 an hour, but gets bundled in cheaper with food. 


The oldest board game cafe in Singapore given new life. Though expensive, their full dining experience, extensive shelf, and comfortable ambience is perfect for anyone looking to splurge on quality.

Cafe is perfect for…
Couples looking for warm ambience
– Gamers looking to eat while playing
After office crowd nearby looking to unwind with drinks, chatting, and the casual game
Late night gaming (opens 24 hours)
– Private groups with their private room

Cafe is good for…
Game designers to use for launch events
– Gamers who don’t mind splurging for good food and comfort
Events to book with Mosanco Settlers Cafe. Sits up to 34 guests comfortably

Cafe is bad for…
Miniature games, as they do not have terrain boards
CCG players, with no intermingling and no retail front
Players with physical disabilities as the only access to the cafe is via a long staircase
– Players on a budget

Boardgame Cafe Review 🍺 Rating

Ambiance: 10 / 10
Location: 8 / 10
Game Selection: 8 / 10
Pricing: 4 / 10
Amenities: 8 / 10

Tavern Rating: 7.6 🍺
(Rating updated on 18 Mar 2021)

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