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Boardgame Cafe Review: Flagship Games

Address: 45 Jln Pemimpin, #03-01A, Singapore 577197

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Boardgame Cafe Review

Wet from rain and a sweaty bike ride.

Stores such as Flagship Games are the exact kind of places that we wanted to showcase in our Boardgame Cafe Reviews. Hidden within industrial buildings is this small card game store that boasts a uniquely niche clientele.

Boardgame Cafe Review

On the left, Marymount MRT. On the right, at the end of the street to the left, the building that houses Flagship Games.

Located on the third floor, the location is easy to miss if you do not pay attention to the small sign on the wall. A Final Fantasy trading card game poster exemplifies the gamers that goes here.

Boardgame Cafe Review

Inside, you’ll find a spacious area with table space for over 20 pax. You’ll notice their focus on card games, with a retail display that have only marginal Magic the Gathering products, though MtG is still their online store‘s main focus.

Boardgame Cafe Review

Co-owner Sam says the Flesh and Blood trading card game is the unique breakout game at the moment. Though lesser known card games such as Legend of the Five Rings, and Keyforge can also be found.

Boardgame Cafe Review

Crowds are expected on weekends, while weekdays, the empty shopfront serves as a staging area for fulfilling Flagship’s online retail orders. The store plays host to many private card game groups, ranging from Final Fantasy, Magic the Gathering, to enthusiasts picking up whatever new product available.

Boardgame Cafe Review

For amenities, a fridge sells drinks around the $1.50 mark, with two coffee shops within walking distance outside. The seats are wide and comfortable for play, and the standard bright white light of card game stores keeps players competitive.

Boardgame Cafe Review

The store however, will be moving to a new location within the next year or so. We can only hope they’ll have greater walk-in capabilities once that happens, as these little gems of niche stores are few and far between in Singapore.


A hidden store for card gamers looking tp get into more unique card games. Though they don’t cater to a large walk-in market despite being just a 5 minutes walk away from Marymount MRT.

Cafe is Perfect for…
– Small groups of friends looking to play card games.
– Card gamers looking for unique card game titles.

Cafe is Good for…
– Magic the Gathering gamers looking for cards and accessories.

Cafe is Bad for…
– Walk-ins. While the location is not far from a train station, it is not easy to find.
– Board gamers, as the store caters specifically to card games.

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