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Boardgame Cafe Review: Sunny Pair O Dice

Address: 321 Alexandra Rd, #03-06, Alexandra Central Mall, Singapore 159971

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Boardgame Cafe Review

A small boardgame café run by a charismatic couple, Sunny Pair O Dice is one of Singapore’s most prolific community stores. Ask anyone within the tabletop circle here, and they will almost always bring it up.

Boardgame Cafe Review

Located on the third floor of Alexandra Central Mall, Sunny is near many noticeable eateries. Such as IKEA Alexandra, Katong Laksa at Queensway Shopping Center, and a 24/7 Prata Store on its on first floor. This is perfect as while they sell snacks and drinks, their selections are limited to the peckish.

Boardgame Cafe Review

During the midst of Covid-19, Sunny could not host events for many gamers. As a result, bookings are always full in the small store space. But they recently occupied the area next to their main store, raising their max capacity to 28 pax and have increased their staff headcount to help. All of them are enthusiasts and experienced at teaching boardgames.

Boardgame Cafe Review

However, the place is not particularly public transport friendly, with the three nearest MRT stations being long walks away.

Boardgame Cafe Review

The store hosts regular D&D sessions, and provides necessary materials for regular groups looking for a place to host their games. Sunny also plans to restart its miniature painting sessions in 2021, so follow them on their social media to get updates on that.

Boardgame Cafe Review

Please remember to bring a jacket if you are afraid of the cold because Sunny has strong air conditioners. Their seats are wide and table sizes customizable and generous, though a lack of cushioned seats makes it hard to fully relax after a long session. The lack of noise dampeners in such a small area means it can get loud, which could be a plus depending on what atmosphere one enjoys more.

Boardgame Cafe Review

Their collection has a wide range of board games that fits any and all gamers. Popular favourites like Evolution and Five Tribes are found next to smaller ones like Saucy Grannies, Unlock! and the full Tiny Epic series . Scratch your social deduction itch with Tofu Kingdom, Coup and Secret Hitler. You can even find rare Kickstarter games like Tidal Blades.

Boardgame Cafe Review

How about the price, is it expensive? On contrary, no. An evening gaming session from 6.30pm to 10.30pm costs only $6. A special board at their entrance shouts out to local designers, whose games and products are often available on their shelves beside other popular wares. Our dice goblin was particularly enamoured by their stunning collection of dice sets for sale. Two thumbs up for taste.


The open ambiance, affordable pricing, and welcoming staff makes us want to come back soon!

Boardgame Cafe Review

CMON had a demo table for Bloodborne: The Board Game during our visit for the Boardgame Cafe Review!

Sunny Pair O Dice is perfect for…
– Roleplayers & their DMs looking for a regular space, especially on weekdays.
– Newcomers to Tabletop RPG who want a gentle barrier of entry.
– Avid Boardgamers looking for a regular space with friendly faces.

Sunny Pair O Dice is good for…
– Large groups of friends and family (limited to 8, of course) looking for casual fun.
– Newcomers to boardgames who want a gentle barrier of entry.
– Game shoppers, since Sunny has a well stocked retail front.

Sunny Pair O Dice is bad for…
– Couples looking for a private date, since you will be invited to play in larger groups due to size constraints.
– Card gamers, since Sunny does not have a retail front catered to trading card games.
– Tabletop Miniature gamers, since Sunny does not provide terrains and does not have a retail front catered to tabletop miniatures.

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