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Boardgame Cafe Review: Experience Point

Address: 803 King George’s Avenue, #02-190, Singapore 200803 

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Boardgame Cafe Review

Just a strong stone’s throw away from Lavender MRT is the popular hangout for boardgame geeks, Experience Point, hidden within a maze of HDBs.

Boardgame Cafe Review

Short escape room puzzle included on entry.

Experience Point’s curated collection of 200+ games are reflective of its owner’s taste. You can find Thematic games like Star Wars: Rebellion and Kemet next to euro games such as Caverna and Power Grid. With party games like Avalon along modern classics like Century: Spice Road, the selection at the cafe attracts a wide range of gamers.

Boardgame Cafe Review

On busy weekends, the open space do little to reduce the noise from rowdy gamers, and they have more plastic seats than cushioned ones. But the spacious cafe is well lit and filled with tables for any group size.

Boardgame Cafe Review

Whimsical collage reflects the gaming culture there.

The cafe comes with its very own build-in toilet, so flush all your bad gaming regrets down the drain!

Boardgame Cafe Review

Experience Point is open on from 6 p.m. till 11 p.m. aside from Wednesday, and 12 noon to 11 p.m. on weekends. They have regular D&D sessions with a shared in-house world building. Do check out their social media and webpage for regular updates on these!

Boardgame Cafe Review

Every hour of gaming costs $4 per pax, with a max of $12 to play all day. Similar to Basecamp Cafe, they also offer canned drinks at a competitive price of $1.50, and sometimes offer light snacks such as tarts.

Boardgame Cafe Review

Below is a coffee shop for cheap meals. Within walking distance are great food selection around Lavender for more choices. 2 supermarkets are in the same block to buy affordable snacks!


Experience Point’s carefully curated game selection, incredible pricing, and convenient location makes us wonder why we haven’t played here more often! 

Boardgame Cafe Review

Experience Point is perfect for… 

– Roleplayers & their DMs looking for a regular space, especially on weekdays.
– Various group sizes of friends and family (limited to 8, of course) looking for casual fun.
– Euro boardgamers looking for uncommon games. 

Experience Point is good for… 

– Small groups or individuals new to the hobby and looking to learn new games.
– Couples looking for an alternative date activity, but only if you enjoy a rowdy atmosphere.
– Avid boardgamers looking for an affordable gaming hangout around Singapore’s central-east.

Experience Point is bad for… 

– Tabletop Miniature gamers, since Experience Point does not provide terrains and does not have a retail front catered to tabletop miniatures.
– Cardgamers, since Experience Point does not have a retail front catered to trading card games.
– Game shoppers, since Experience Point does not have a retail front for purchasing of games.
– Gamers looking for a quieter gaming experience, as the lack of noise dampening makes the space quite noisy.

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