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Saucy Grannies: An Introduction

Inspired by the joy of mixing sauces to enjoy with hot pot and dedicated to all the beloved grannies around the world, Saucy Grannies is designed to be a cheeky and light-hearted card game, perfect for gatherings with friends and family.Β 

Saucy Grannies is a blind bidding, card drafting and set collection card game. You play as a granny participating in a neighbourhood cook-off where the sauce is everything. Send your family members to the market to snatch up the best ingredients, call up your granny friends for their recipes and impress the judges by cooking your signature sauces!

Every round, the market is refreshed with new ingredients, and players will decide which of their family cards they would like to play face-down from their hands. The family members played will be revealed at the same time and rearranged to determine the turn order for that round. Players then take turns to collect Ingredient Cards from the market, which could lead to them fulfilling Objective Cards or making sauces to obtain Granny Cards.

Players gain points by collecting Ingredient Cards, Objective Cards and Granny Cards over 9 rounds of bidding and drafting. The player with the most points at the end of the game is declared the sauciest granny!

You’ll love Saucy Grannies if you…Β 

  • Enjoy collection and building games.
  • Delight in outwitting your friends with sneaky tactics.
  • Thrive on uncertainty by capitalising on probability.
  • Are looking for a light and introductory game that can be taught in 5 and played in 30 minutes.

Saucy Grannies has been launched through the crowd-funding platform, Kickstarter, on 10 February. Think you have what it takes to be the sauciest granny in town? Get your copy of Saucy Grannies by making a pledge here!

Update: Saucy Grannies has been successfully funded through the crowd-funding platform Kickstarter, and is now available in retail stores! Think you have what it takes to be the sauciest granny in town? Get your copy of Saucy Grannies here! If you are in Singapore and would like a signed copy, get itΒ here!

Saucy Grannies is the first game I have ever designed – in a sense, it is my sauce baby. Over the past few months, my team has been developing the game to ensure the best gaming experience. I am thrilled to announce that it is finally ready to meet the world!

Check out the rules over here!

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