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Stake your claim over fame, fortune and land in the war-ridden world of Scythe!

Scythe is an engine-building action-selection game set in 1920s Europa. Players represent heroes from the various factions of Eastern Europe and compete to gain the most money and land centred around the Factory. Armed with monstrous giant mechs, players reap resources from their territories, enlist recruits and workers sympathetic to their war efforts and build various monuments that aid them in their cause.

Scythe features a truly innovative ensemble of asymmetric factions, each with their own abilities, starting resources and even starting locations that are specifically calibrated to each faction’s uniqueness. Coupled with the faction boards are player boards which require the players to adapt their strategies to. Further compounded with hidden goals and building benefits that are randomised during setup, every game of Scythe will feel fresh and different.

Gameplay in Scythe is streamlined and brisk. Players choose one of four available sets of actions to play per turn, all of which are instilled with an aspect of engine-building. Every single action can be upgraded to become more efficient, providing a fulfilling sense of progression and help to build towards an exciting finish. With scarcity of resources, players are forced to plan ahead and be flexible with their decisions. Even vigilant and opportunistic players will find it difficult to take complete control of the board state.

Scythe has found a unique middle ground between Euro and Wargame, with players actively avoiding combat and building mechs only as deterrence. With minimal chances for luck to influence gameplay, boardgame veterans will definitely enjoy the intensity that the game can provide. Scythe is a personal favourite and I strongly recommend serious gamers to pick up a copy!

If you would like to learn how to play the game, watch this tutorial by Watch It Played.

And if you prefer watching a full playthrough, I recommend this one by the ever amazing JonGetsGames!

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