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Weave sagas for your civilization through the ages of humanity in Tapestry!

Tapestry is a civilization building game that spans from the beginning of humankind to the future of intergalactic space travel. At the beginning of the game, players only have control over fire-discovering cavemen and have to slowly advance their civilization over the four facets of society: science, technology, exploration and military. 

The four advancement tracks are presented as the main mechanic of Tapestry. Players have to race up the tracks while keeping in mind to obtain the benefits of each advancement in the most efficient manner. Resources are sparse and with its depletion comes the end of an era. Players will then need to play a tapestry card to signify the coming of a new age.

With four paths to explore, Tapestryโ€™s core gameplay naturally offers a vast variety of options to the player. Beyond the basic resource management and race for advancement, players can explore and invade neighbouring territories on the board, construct buildings and landmarks in their capital cities and tinker with inventions and technologies to improve their civilizations.

Replay value is further enhanced by the different starting locations and factions available. Each faction has its own exclusive abilities, providing asymmetry and diverse experiences with every play. Taking into consideration that you could also focus on specific tracks or take a more balanced approach, your civilization will always turn out unique!

Tapestry is a rare game in which you will care more for the journey than the result. Immersed in the gameplay, you will feel invested into your civilization and their story. It helps that the pre-painted miniature buildings complements this sense of immersion. With beautiful artwork, excellent production quality and immersive gameplay, Tapestry is a must-try experience for any boardgamer!

If you would like to learn how to play the game, watch this tutorial by Watch It Played.

And if you prefer watching a full playthrough, I recommend this runthrough by Rahdo!

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