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Watch your cat and her friends create a mess of your home in T-rex’s Holiday!

In T-rex’s Holiday, players are owners to a playful cat named Tyrannosaurus. After a tiring day at work, you come home to a messy house courtesy of T-rex and her friends jumping and running around to their hearts’ content! Your objective as a player is to minimise the damage with good planning and calming your pets down with biscuits.

This adorable roll-and-write game features a unique “roll-3-dice-and-hide-1” mechanism. The active player rolls 3 dice and first reveals 2, of which values may be filled in freely on the players’ game sheet. The number of the hidden die, however, can only be filled into specific rooms. In addition, every room has different rules for number placement and scoring.

These requirements helps to add player interaction in an otherwise solitaire game. It becomes necessary to guess what the hidden die could be through careful deduction. Hence, players that pay attention to their opponent’s game sheet will often perform better in the game.

T-rex’s Holiday is light enough to bring to the table for non-gamers. With biscuits allowing you to cancel off mistakes and a short play time encouraging multiple playthroughs in a single sitting, it is easy to recommend this Taiwanese design to fans of roll-and-write and casual players alike!

T-rex’s Holiday does not currently have any video tutorials. Please refer to the rulebook here if you would like to learn more about the game!

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