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Assist the Greek Gods to construct whitewashed, cubiform houses in Santorini!

Santorini is an accessible strategy game, mostly abstract but enhanced with thematic variable player powers supplied by the greek pantheon. Players control 2 builders that move around the 5 x 5 board to build the iconic cubiform houses. The buildings can be built up to 4 tiers, with the top level represented by a blue-coloured dome. The objective of the game is to manoeuvre your builder up to stand atop a 3-levelled house while blocking your opponents by building domes to remove third level spots available to them.

With these basic rules, the game is designed to be simple enough for elementary school students to pick up, while providing strategic depth for veteran gamers to explore. Players are given a wide range of options as their builders are allowed to both move and build in all 8 adjacent directions, ensuring that the situation on the tiny board will shift and evolve rapidly. Players will need to pay attention to identify potential traps while thinking ahead to catch their opponents off guard, hence forcing them to make subpar decisions.

Santorini features cutely illustrated greek gods and heroes that provide alternative ways to play the game. With 40 unique powers, these cards add incredible value to an already highly replayable base game. With its refined gameplay and excellent production, it is safe to say that Santorini is a game that you can recommend anyone!

If you would like to learn how to play the game, watch this video by 3 Minute Board Games.

And if you prefer watching a full playthrough, I recommend this short but sweet one by JonGetsGames!

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