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Tinker and build innovative machines for the Great Science Fair in Gizmos! 

In Gizmos, players are the brightest scientists, engineers and inventors gathered together at the Great Science Fair, in a competition to construct the most outstanding machines. They do so by harnessing the four types of energy to purchase and construct new attachments to their works. With only 4 basic actions – filing cards, picking energy marbles, building cards and researching – Gizmos is a very simple game at its core. 

Where it shines is in its engine building mechanic. You upgrade your basic actions by collecting a variety of machines into your tableau, with each addition boosting the original action or creating a chained reaction with the other actions. Careful planning at the beginning at the game will always reward you with amazingly explosive combos that make each single action extremely satisfying. Of course, since all other players are given the same resources, you will need to think on the fly to build your machine quickly and efficiently.

Gizmos impresses with not just its streamline mechanics, but also its production. Players collect energy in the form of beautiful marbles, plucked from a 3D marble dispenser. This is not just cool, but also enhances the thematic impression of the game. It also does not hurt that the game is extremely repayable due to its wide range of level 3 cards. Fans of light strategy and engine building games will definitely love Gizmos!

If you would like to learn how to play the game, watch this excellent video by Rahdo.

And if you prefer watching a full playthrough, I recommend this episode of Gamenight! by BoardGameGeek!

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