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Recruit viking warriors to slay mythical Norse beasts in Champions of Midgard!

In Champions of Midgard, players are viking leaders competing to become the new Jarl by earning the most glory. The old Jarl has died and trolls are attacking the port town while Draugr raid nearby villages. Recruit warriors, defend your people, and send your best fighters on voyages to defeat mythical beasts. Do this, and you may gain both glory and the favor of the gods.

The game blends worker placement and dice-driven combat to create a thematic and strategic experience. Workers can be trained into warriors which are represented by custom dice. Other workers help with the collection of resources, which are used to carve runes, build ships, and feed your viking. This entire team building process is immensely satisfying on its own.

However, Champion of Midgard truly excels in generating excitement. In battle, the warrior dice are rolled to determine combat results, leaving victory and defeat down to chance. Players can take further risks by under committing warriors to battles, and it is always rewarding to watch your vikings slay monsters against all odds.

Despite the many options available to the players, the game is surprisingly easy to learn and play. Gamers that are new to worker placement games or prefer more thematic games should definitely try out Champions of Midgard!

P.S. The copy of Champions of Midgard you see in the photos have been supplemented with the Dark Mountains and Valhalla expansions. They add new options to the board and more predictable alternative warriors. Luck-adverse gamers will appreciate the Valhalla mechanic which gives value to slain warriors, allowing players to focus more on enjoying the combat than worrying about luck-related risks.

If you would like to learn how to play the game, watch this episode of TableTop with Wil Wheaton by Geek & Sundry!

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