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The Tavern Master has been busy exploring art concepts for two separate projects!

In the midst of the creation process, it became apparent that it was necessary to take a look at other games that are well known for their unique art styles. Art serves not only as a sneak peek to a game’s mechanics, but also provides a link to the overarching theme. It is indispensable for world building and a prerequisite for marketing.

With both projects steering towards casual and fun themes, I have been looking at games that have adopted cartoonish art styles for my research. Here are some of my favourites:

Despite its warlike theme, Root features expressive and cute characters that draw you in. Combined with bright, vibrant colours and contrastingly dark line work, Root provides an immersive thematic experience.

The dark and quirky character illustrations in Gloom seem to invite schadenfreude as the players lead them to grim and grisly deaths. Sub-themes like Lovecraftian horror further develops the art. 

Munchkin does not take itself too seriously, and this can be observed in its art. Opting for tongue-in-cheek and wacky illustrations, Munchkin encourages players to relax and just have fun.

TeeTurtle applies their signature art style in Unstable Unicorns. The illustrations are beautifully vibrant and cute, directly catering to the needs of their fans (myself included)!

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