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Invest your inheritance into a winery and flourishing vineyards in Viticulture!

In Viticulture, players take the role of winemakers in pre-modern Tuscany who have inherited sparse plots of land, old equipment and a handful of workers. Their objective is to build a successful winery by producing fine wines, constructing essential buildings and inviting helpful visitors to their vineyards.

All these are done by allocating work to their limited supply of workers. Each year of winemaking is condensed down into a round of gameplay, and is played over the seasons. Players take turns to place their workers into various spots representing different tasks within each season. For example, you may plant vines in the Summer and then harvest them in the Autumn.

Most games of Viticulture will feature a slow build-up into satisfyingly explosive turns through fulfilment of large wine orders. However, there are multiple viable routes to victory. You may choose to focus more on playing visitor cards with their interesting and powerful effects or score steadily with wine tasting. Replayability is further increased with asymmetric set-ups with Mama & Papa cards and Properties from the Tuscany expansion, steering players towards various starting strategies.

With almost infinite replay value in this worker placement game, Viticulture is truly worthy of a spot on any Euro fan’s shelf!

P.S. The copy of Viticulture you see in the photos have been supplemented with the Tuscany expansion, which provides a deeper and more nuanced experience while maintaining the core elegance of the base game.

If you would like to learn how to play the game, watch this short video by The Rules Girl.

And if you prefer watching a guided playthrough, I recommend this video by Watch It Played!

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