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Discover the feathery world of bird watching and collecting in Wingspan!

Attract unique birds by offering food.

In Wingspan, players are bird enthusiasts attempting to build the best bird sanctuary. Attract unique birds by offering food and help them to lay and hatch eggs by building up a network of various species, each with their own special traits.

This competitive engine-building game is immensely satisfying to play. Even while limited to only 4 options per action, each option triggers a chain reaction based on the birds you have gathered on your board. You will feel like you are accomplishing a lot with each action taken, especially towards the end of the game when you have a strong engine of synergetic birds. 

Bird fans will definitely love the game due to the sheer number of birds. The art is beautiful and the vast amount of research done is apparent through the accurate details provided for each bird. And don’t forget about the amazing production, with custom dice, egg miniatures and even a bird feeder dice tower included in the box.

The game also has high replay value due to variables in set-up, not only for starting resources, but also scoring objectives, and of course the large number of bird cards you can try out. As the game is played relatively quickly for a medium game, you can easily play consecutive games without feeling burnt out. Players can try out various combinations of birds in order to optimise their point scoring engine.

Light-medium and engine-building game fans will most definitely love Wingspan.

If you would like to learn how to play the game, watch this explanation video by Watch It Played.

And if you prefer watching a longer video, I recommend this tutorial & playthrough video by JonGetsGames!

P.S. I have taken a more in-depth look at the game and visual design of Wingspan and have posted my findings here on TableTopTavern.


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