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Enjoy a quick trip to Japan in Tokaido, the delightful travelling boardgame!

Beautiful metal coins in Tokaido.

The best word to describe Tokaido is relaxing. It focuses more on the enjoyment of the process than the competition, just like a real vacation! The game’s main mechanic involves players advancing down a track of potential actions, which include meeting friendly strangers, munching on local eats, visiting temples and hot springs, and of course enjoying magnificent views.

All actions score points in an almost equal manner, allowing players to choose whatever they wish to do. This, on top of the beautiful artwork, helps to enhance the feeling of being on holiday.

Gamers that prefer light games with little to no conflict will definitely enjoy touring Japan in Tokaido!

If you would like to learn how to play the game, watch this short explanation video by Broad Games:

And if you prefer watching a full playthrough, I recommend this episode of TableTop! with Wil Wheaton!

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