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Defeat your foes and rule the forests as your favourite woodland animal in Root!

Play as various asymmetrical factions in Root.

Root is an asymmetrical adventure and war game where players wage battles to take control of an expansive forest.

Its fascinating backstories for the various warring parties of the woodland are emulated by the contrasting and unique play styles available to each playable faction. The mechanics featured in each race are elegantly designed to play off the others’ abilities. This helps to vastly increase opportunities for player interaction and replayability.

Gamers that seek games with challenging winning strategies will also appreciate the inclusion of alternate win conditions. With an enchanting art style that belies the cutthroat nature of the gameplay, Root is undeniably a must-have for strategy war-game fans.

If you would like to learn how to play the game, watch this detailed explanation video by RTFM.

And if you prefer watching a full playthrough, I recommend this episode of Game the Game by Geek & Sundry!

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